The CREMAN is the NMR Center of the University of Liege, which is expert in the development of NMR methods to solve scientific issues. The NMR platform CREMAN serves a broad community of internal and external users. Therefore, the CREMAN platform has to address the needs of a broad community, which covers a wide range of topics including NMR relaxation, identification and analysis of organic compounds and metabolomics, while being open to ULiege users and external customers. CREMAN equipment includes different spectrometers operating at proton frequencies of 400 MHz and 700 MHz with helium-cooled probe to enhance sensitivity for liquid state-NMR only and 500 MHz for liquid and solid-state NMR. The CREMAN NMR platform missions include:
  • The coordination, maintenance, and evolution of all the NMR equipment, either present or future, at the University of Liege.
  • The recording and interpretation of NMR spectra for any interested user, affiliated or not with the University of Liege.
  • The instruction and training of new operators.
  • The promotion of NMR science and technology through the organization of scientific meetings and training workshops aimed at the academic community or industrial partners.